Announcement From The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats have announced details of their fourth studio album:

"Our fourth studio album, “You Know What…?” is complete! This might just be our most ambitious release yet. During the writing and recording of this album we feel like we inspired each other as songwriters and musicians to do things we’ve never done before as a band. Yet still, it’s totally, completely an Aristocrats album. We think it may be the coolest thing we’ve done yet and we can’t wait for you to hear it! “You Know What…?” will be released on June 28th, with pre-sales available in early June. And continuing our Aristocratic tradition of illustrated artwork, Graphic Artist Hajo Müller has created this awesome cover art for us. We’ll be sharing some audio clips and other details with you all very soon…"

Track Listing  
1. D Grade F*ck Movie Jam  
2. Spanish Eddie  
3. When We All Come Together  
4. All Said And Done  
5. Terrible Lizard  
6. Spiritus Cactus  
7. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde  
8. Burial At Sea  
9. Last Orders













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